Established in 1956, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the only comprehensive and modernized grade-A tertiary hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing. It is responsible for the medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention of traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing. The hospital consists of Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herb Medicine of Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing International Exchange and Training Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Zhao Bingnan Dermatology Research Center and so on. It is a standardized training base for Clinical College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Capital Medical University, Teaching Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and resident doctors (general practitioners) in traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. At present, Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been appraised as the Base for Preventive Treatment of Disease, the International Cooperation Base on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Emergency Clinic Base on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Promotion Base of Suitable Technology on Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Promotion Base of Standardization Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Demonstration Unit of Informationization of the National Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine by National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a designated medical institution of Class A of Beijing Basic Medical Insurance.

The hospital covers an area of 28,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 55,000 square meters. It has a total of 1,400 beds, and the number of total outpatient and emergency patients for the whole year is 2.2 million. There are 93 specialist outpatient clinics of Chinese medicine, and the hospital carried out 77 technical projects of Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, and equipped nearly 50 kinds of large-scale medical equipment. Currently, there are 1,698 employees, including 2 master of traditional Chinese medicine, 2 national famous traditional Chinese medicine physicians, 24 famous doctor of Chinese medicine in the capital, 16 excellent Chinese medicine clinicians in the whole country, 19 physicians enjoying special government subsidies, 6 physicians at the municipal level selected for the New Century Talents Project in Beijing, 16 physicians of "Beijing Ten-hundred-thousand -million Talents Project, 22 physicians of "215" Talents in the health system of Beijing and 44 physicians of Talents for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing ("125 Program"). There are 35 instructors for the inheritance work of academic experience of national TCM experts, 13 instructors for the inheritance work of academic experience of national TCM experts in Beijing, 21 studios for the inheritance of famous national TCM experts in China, and 27 working stations for "Inheritance 3 +3 of Traditional Chinese Medicine" in Beijing.

The hospital has 4 clinical diagnosis and treatment centers, including Zhao Bingnan Dermatology Research Center, Digestion Center, Cancer Medical Center and Acupuncture Center. There are 7 characteristic diagnosis and treatment centers of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, including TCM Department of Dermatology, TCM Department of Cardiovascular Disease, Digestion Center, Acupuncture Center, TCM Department of Pediatrics, TCM Department of Gynecology and TCM Preventive Treatment Center. There are 33 clinical departments. It is equipped with outpatient clinics of traditional Chinese medicine including chiropractic therapy, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic skin ulcer, interventional therapy, cold, depression and other diseases, and the level of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of traditional Chinese medicine is leading at home and abroad. The hospital pays close attention to discipline construction and specialty construction, and actively carries out the activities of creating famous hospitals, establishing famous departments and cultivating famous doctors. At present, the hospital has 8 key disciplines of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 key disciplines of Beijing, 8 key clinical specialties of the state, 13 key specialties of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 14 key specialties of Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 6 core specialties of the capital of Beijing national key specialties covering engineering project of traditional Chinese medicine.

The hospital has six medical and technical departments: Department of Radiology, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Pathology, Department of Medical Laboratory (including Department of Blood Transfusion), Department of Ultrasonic Diagnosis and Department of Nutrition. The hospital equipped with nearly 50 types of large medical equipment: such as 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging, 256-layer extremely fast CT, digital planar angiography system, SPECT/CT, endoscopic ultrasonography, dual-plate digital DR, three-dimensional mapping system of heart, automatic intelligent blood collection system, full-digital planar mammography system, focused ultrasound tumor ablator, digital gastrointestinal angiography system, color ultrasound diagnosis system, intraoperative CT, automatic biochemical analyzer and other modern medical equipment. There are nearly 660 kinds of Chinese herbal decoction pieces in the TCM Pharmacy. Many hospital preparations come from famous and old Chinese medicine practitioners and experts' prescriptions, secret formulations and scientific research achievements. There are 192 kinds of hospital preparations with approved document numbers, including 164 kinds of Chinese herbal preparations, 20 kinds of pills, powder, ointment, granule, capsule, lotion, tincture, oil, etc., and more than 70 kinds of which are commonly used in clinic. Individually customized prescription and the medicine boiling mode of using direct-fired earthen pot of the Herb Decocting Room remain up to now. The hospital undertakes the teaching task of undergraduate, master and doctoral students. Up to July 2018, there are 20 teaching and research departments of TCM speciality and 9 training stations of discipline master. There are 11 doctorial supervisors, 47 master supervisors, 55 professors and associate professors; the hospital has obtained a total of 240 scientific research awards, including 95 provincial and ministerial levels scientific research awards.

The hospital has cooperated with 65 medical institutions in Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Hubei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hebei and the suburbs and counties of Beijing, among which the traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Shunyi, Yanqing and Pinggu of Beijing are under trusteeship. With the promotion of the "Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei", our hospital has established technical cooperation with 14 medical institutions in Hebei Province. According to the characteristics of academic inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, our hospital has trained backbone talents for the above-mentioned areas, and 46 trainees have been trained by famous teachers. During the period of Twelfth Five-year Plan, our hospital has dispatched 86 part-time and temporary medical personnel, sent 8,040 free medical experts, gave 217 professional lectures on health education, and consulted and treated nearly 80,000 patients. Beijing International Exchange and Training Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine has set up the courses such as traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, nursing, health care and nutrition.