Stepping Massage Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Caiqiao Massage is one of the precious legacies of our country. Its history can be traced back to 2000 years ago. In ancient times, Tui Na was called An Qiao (pressing and stepping), An referring to pressing by hands while Qiao referring to stepping by feet. In those days, the importance of pressing and stepping was the same. Both of them were external therapy in traditional Chinese medicine, in which the hands and feet were therapeutic tools and methods. Stepping Massage makes up for the deficiency of pressing massage, which can relax the deep muscles and has the advantages of large force, wide contact area and strong penetrability, etc.

In order to improve the clinical effect, our Department adopts caiqiao massage in the treatment, which integrates the massage experience of Li Yutian, the former Director of Department of Massage, and is used to treat specific areas of the body surface. Its main function is to adjust the physiological, pathological, muscular and bone imbalance of the body, so as to balance yin and yang, lubricate joints, correct the dislocation of joints, adjust the qi and blood function of viscera, and enhance human resistance to disease. Caiqiao Massage enriches the treatment methods of our department, gives full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and improves the quality of life of patients by reducing the symptoms of many patients with waist and leg pains.

It is mainly suitable for waist's aching pain, including pain caused by lumbar disc protrusion, chronic lumbar muscle strain, long-term desk work and so on.